NEW | WilkiLeaks PRIVILEGED Internal Sofia Wilen & Anna Ardin Legal Rape Docs *  (100 pages) *Assange Defends CIA Colleagues aka his Accusers — Testimony

Restricted CIA Group & Court Documents
List Sofia Wilen & Anna Ardin as Informants 1  2

Anna Ardin’s Nazi Occult * 

Assange’s Attorneys in Bed w/ Sofia Wilen. *
►CIA Assange surrenders when Nazi Sarah Harrison Shows up in UK.
Pam Anderson says Sofia Wilen is going after Assange.

Anna Ardin

GHOST  HUNT of Sofia Wilen

Assange continues to defend Sofia Wilen and said in Risk Film
he wants to sleep with her again, even though she has always been
and continues to remain the silent accuser responsible for his captivity.

This Way to Julian Assange Show Main Stage

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