October 2016
► King Julian Prosecutor Statement Spells Monkey Business */ **
► Kill Switch *  |  NEW JERUSALEM  |  BIG EVENT  (Nov 5)  Main Stage
World Militia Interpol Bureau Chief General Sands */ **/
USA v. US   Articles of Jubilee & Common Sense Pamphlet
BLACK & WHITE FLAG  ►► ► Assange’s Attorneys in Bed w/ His Accuser
Sarah Harrison shows up in UK after 3 years & King immediately surrenders.


 YES ____ (Get her on Public Mic)  
NO ____ (Let her stay silent another 6 years while Julian suffers)

christine ann assange

beep … beep … beep … beep

We Interrupt this Ghost Hunt for Sofia Wilen

with Anna Ardin showing you her penis. 

beep … beep … beep … beep 

A bitch who rams that shit up hers surely knows how to use a condom. Anna Ardin

and now back to our regularly-scheduled:

GHOST  HUNT of Sofia Wilen

Six silent years avoiding public accountability.

RED NOTICE  →  Sofia Wilen

Restricted CIA-Drug Group Lists Julian Assange’s Accusors
Sofia Linnea Wilen & Svea Anna Karolina Ardin as “Informants” in Police Report. 1  2

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